The Course

The Course

Course Description:

Turn one comes up fast as a banked 90 degree left hand turn. Start from the right edge of the track, sweeping down the banking to a slightly late apex. Tracking out from the apex, the kart rides up on the banking in an exhilarating ride when properly executed.

Following the exit is a short straight before turn two, another left turn. Turn two is a flat to slightly off camber sweeping turn of 120degrees (or more). A quick lift to a slight brake application will help you hit a late apex, with the kart sliding to the edge of the track at the exit of the turn.

At turn three, drive as short a distance as possible by staying on the right side of the track. Let the kart track to out about mid track at exit. Then smoothly take as straight a line as possible through four and five to put the kart on a path that will position it for entry to six.

Six is a slightly banked turn that is taken at full throttle with a late apex. On exit, don't1etthe kart get too far to the right or you won't be set up for turn seven.

Even though turn seven is tight,its banking makes it a fast turn. A quick lift can be used to get the kart tracking into the late apex which is needed to set up for the next three turns.

Turn eight also has some banking. Entering from mid track allows you to combine turns eight and nine into one fast, smooth,nearly continuous arc. Make sure you cut across the concrete apron at the apex of turn nine to help with your step up for turn 10, along, banked, sweeping left carrousel turn.

Enter turn 10 around mid track and gradually move closer to the inside of the track for a late apex.Try to relax in this very long corner.The g-load and workout your arms get can really ad up after a few hours. On exit, let the kart drift to about to the middle of the track for the run down the straight. Good execution of turns 8,9, and 10 can build momentum that can be used to your advantage allowing you to pass before the rev-limiter is reached.

Near the end of the long straight are turns 11 and 12, a quick bus-stop style chicane. Eleven goes left onto a banked short cute.Even at full speed it can be taken at full throttle, but hitting the apex is critical to successfully completing the turns. It requires a smooth left right steering input.Once settled on the banking 12requires a right left flick to comeback onto the straight and start setting up for another great lap.