Christian Swanberg

Christian's parents would learn his condition required extra preparation...

Christian, now 8 months old, was born May 7th, 2010 to parents Stephanie and Roger.  Christian is Stephanie and Roger's first child, and as any parent knows, the first child can be quite a learning experience.  The parents to-be would soon find out their child’s condition would require extra preparation.  Before he was born the doctors gave them the news that Christian had spina bifida. 

Stephanie and Roger heard about Spina Bifida of Jacksonville from a Nurse at the hospital.  Through the SBJ, they found the information and support they needed to better care for Christian now and in the future.  "They were always there to answer questions and give us guidance." 

Almost a year later, Christian is doing very well, crawling around and playing.  He is a very happy baby boy and is truly loved.