Daniel Hernandez

We prayed to God so we could get help...

Daniel’s birth was an emotional rollercoaster for his parents, Nidya and Gerardo. The two were excited to meet their new baby, but the excitement quickly turned to worry when they learned their son had spina bifida. Daniel’s parents did not know much about the birth defect, so there were many tears shed and lots of prayers. Nidya remembers, “We prayed to God so we could get help and try to learn how to live with a child with special needs. The first few years of his life were very difficult, but he fought very hard to overcome difficulties.”

As time passed, Daniel’s family realized what an angel he truly is. He has shown his family how to be strong in tough moments, which turned out to be one of the greatest blessings in their lives. “He’s a little rascal, sometimes he cries just like a normal child, but most of the time he is a funny and happy boy. Daniel helps us enjoy every day of our lives,” says Nidya.

Daniel, now eight years old, and his family’s experience with spina bifida has been very challenging.  Nidya and Gerardo initially learned about Spina Bifida of Jacksonville from Daniel’s doctor. They were especially excited to get help from SBJ because they would get to meet other parents of children who have spina bifida. The SBJ organization  also proved to be extremely helpful, because they provide activities and events so Daniel can socialize with children who have the same challenges. Some of Daniel’s fondest memories of SBJ are from summer camp and the Christmas party.

Daniel and his family would like to thank everyone at SBJ for always being there for them. Most of all, they would love to see other children have spina bifida also enjoy all that SBJ has to offer.