Delaney Schroer

Delaney, now 14 years old, has 12 surgeries behind her...

Five months into her pregnancy, Diane learned her child had a birth defect called spina bifida. Just eight days after she was born, Delaney underwent surgery to close an opening on her spine due to a myelomeningocele. Diane and her family had hoped this first surgery would be the end, but it proved only to be the beginning. During Delaney’s routine checkup at 9 months, Diane was informed her daughter would also need to be catheterized regularly to help fully empty her bladder.

Delaney, now 14 years old, has 12 surgeries behind her. She has a tethered chord, an augmented bladder, a mitrofanoff, and a cecostomy. Due to damaged nerves in her leg, Delaney wears a leg brace to provide her ankle with support her muscles are not able to give. Her weakened leg muscles have rendered Delaney unable to participate in sports and some other activities. Despite these physical limitations and bladder issues, Delaney strives to be a normal teenager. Even though a large amount of her time is dedicated to staying healthy, she is a happy A-B honor roll high-school student in the International Baccalaureate program at her school and aspires to become a pediatric doctor someday.