Immanuel Santos

Through Spina Bifida of Jacksonville Immanuel's mom was able to get the help and direction needed...

On a warm day in July of 2009, Immanuel, who is now 18 months old, was born. Earlier that year, Migdalia Santos learned a young woman was contemplating abortion because her unborn child was diagnosed with spina bifida. She instantly stepped in and proposed adoption as an alternative, beginning the adoption process prior to her son‘s birth. While researching his birth defect on the web, she stumbled upon the Spina Bifida of Jacksonville website and decided to reach out for help. Through SBJ she was able to get the information and direction she needed in order to make the best decisions for Immanuel. She even went as far as to attend a spina bifida summer camp, where she saw firsthand the challenges and triumphs of children living with his condition.

It seems that Migdalia’s most valued benefit of reaching out to SBJ has been the emotional support she has received. She specifically thanks them for "having someone available at the hospital" and thanks Maria Quinones directly for "going out of her way to make herself available in person and on the phone." Maria also provided Migdalia with numerous reading materials, most importantly, a book detailing Immanuel‘s condition. Because she found the book borrowed from SBJ so helpful, Migdalia has recommended and shared it with other mothers of children affected by spina bifida.

It hasn't been an easy year and a half for the Santos family. After all, Immanuel has already undergone 14 surgeries and procedures in his early life. Magdailia admits it has been difficult, but is sure to point out that it has been "a mostly loving and happy 18 months."