Kaelynn Delaney

The operation was necessary to close the hole in her back...

Little Kaelynn’s mom, Eleasa, learned that her baby girl had spina bifida when she was just 22 weeks pregnant. Not only did Kaelynn have spina bifida, but there was fluid on her brain requiring doctors to operate soon after she was born. The operation was necessary to close the hole in her back and implant a shunt to drain the fluid from around Kaelynn’s brain. 

Eleasa and Jason, Kaelynn’s father, were obviously scared and deeply concerned. They immediately began to pray, asking those close to them to do the same. Eleasa remembers, “I reached out to a wonderful woman at work who had adopted a boy with spina bifida. She told me that everything would be fine, not to lose my faith and stay strong.” 

Kaelynn is still very young, but Eleasa and Jason are very pleased with the outcome of their daughter’s surgery this far. Even though they are still getting to know the Spina Bifida of Jacksonville (SBJ) organization’s staff, Eleasa and Jason greatly appreciate all of the help they have received. They thank God for the amount of support SBJ provides, stating “We are very grateful to live in a city where we can get such great support.”