Lile Taylor

There was a mark on her lower back that looked like a pinhole...

Kristen Taylor thinks back to the day her daughter, Lile, was born. Lile’s feet were clubbed. There was a mark on her lower back that looked like a pinhole, resembling a birthmark. When Kristen asked the doctor what was wrong, he replied “Nothing, that’s just from her feet being in your ribs.” At a doctor’s appointment a few weeks later, Kristen was told that Lile might have a tethered spinal cord. The family soon met Dr. Aldana and learned Lile had a lipoma on her spine, one that could only be shrunken and not removed. At just four months of age, Lile required surgery and a time when Kristen desperately needed someone she could turn to with questions or concerns.

Eventually Kristen learned about Spina Bifida of Jacksonville (SBJ). SBJ was able to provide the support Kristen and her family needed, always being available to help and listen. In a recent interview, Kristen continually spoke of how helpful SBJ has been and noted, “Maria is everything to my family.” She also recalled an emotional moment she experienced with SBJ, “The first time I came and received gifts for my children, I just wanted to hug and kiss Maria for helping my family when we really needed it.” One of the events Maria put together for Kristen and her family was a trip to the circus.  Kristen’s daughters had never been and shared a wonderful time together.

Today, Lile leads a normal healthy life. She runs, jumps, and plays, though she does have problems walking up steps or over curbs. Kristen and her family are very grateful for everyone who contributes to SBJ and other families of children with spina bifida.