Sofia Florez

Sofia's parent's knew very little about spina bifida and needed information...

Sofia, now 4 years old, was born August 16th, 2006 to parents Elvi and Wilmer.  When her mother was pregnant with Sofia, she was unaware that her unborn child had spina bifida.  When they were given Sofia’s diagnosis, they embraced her as their little blessing.

Because her parents knew very little about spina bifida, they needed information and support.  They found the guidance they were looking for in the local organization, Spina Bifida of Jacksonville.

"SBJ has helped our family understand more about the condition, get to know other kids with spina bifida and interact with parents of kids with spina bifida."    

The family established a close relationship with Maria Quinones, a member of the SBJ staff and a parent of a child with spina bifida.

 "We are very thankful that we met Maria because she has been a great support to our family, especially Sofia.  She has always accompanied us through our daughter’s surgeries, the Individualized Education Program and other events.  That is huge for us." 

In spite of Sofia's disabilities, she gets around very well.  She speaks English and Spanish fluently. She also enjoys school much more than your average child.  Her most inspiring quality is her positive outlook towards everything. 

The SBJ's support has a lot to do with Sofia's continued success. In the words of her family "Thanks for all of the support and love showed to our daughter."